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Is Microwave Usage Safe?
You may be wondering if microwave usage is safe. It is recommended that you use the microwave only in moderation. However, the amount of microwave radiation you are exposed to depends on how you use it. Keeping an eye on it is important because microwave radiation can hit your body when it is close to it. If you think that you are at risk, it is best to stay away from it. The government warns against standing too close to the microwave.  Read more great  facts on how long to microwave water to boil,  click here. 
Microwaves are great for heating beauty products, as they feel much better on the skin if they're warmed before application. A microwave oven is an easy way to reheat or heat up facial masks, hot oil conditioning packs, or gel packs. Foodies will also appreciate the benefits of a microwave. Roasted garlic, for example, can take 45 minutes to cook in the oven, but it only takes eight minutes in the microwave.
When choosing a container for microwave usage, it's best to avoid plastic that is prone to chemical leaching. Polypropylene type 5 is one of the most microwave-safe plastics, and will remain clear when placed in the microwave. Other plastics, such as polypropylene types 3 and 6, have a lower melting point, which makes them more susceptible to hazardous discharge into the food. You may also want to consider the brand of the container. Some plastic containers may not have the "microwave safe" symbol, but there is usually a recycling number. For more useful reference regarding  corn on the cob in microwave without husk,  have a peek  here. 
Microwaves produce high levels of electromagnetic radiation while they're inside, but the power dissipates quickly outside the cooking cavity. Even if microwaves don't leak, they still emit some amount of electromagnetic radiation, which is less harmful to human health than x-rays. However, the microwave does create heat that can be harmful to the body. If it's not handled properly, microwaves can cause cancer and can affect your health.
Studies have shown that microwaves can significantly reduce the amount of energy that you use to cook food. While cooking, more of the energy that enters the power cable should be converted into heat and should not be wasted in other ways. Aside from being cheaper and faster, microwaves do not require heating the oven. It's also better for your wallet because you don't have to turn the oven on, which means your microwave usage will reduce your expenses.
Another negative aspect of microwave usage is the loss of nutrients. Studies show that food exposed to microwaves can contain cancer-causing free radicals. In addition, microwave usage results in a gradual breakdown of peripheral cellular tissues and a decrease in digestive and excretory functions. This results in a significant decrease in the nutritive value of all types of foods, as the microwave reduces the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, and lipotropics. Please view this site  for further  details. 
If you're worried about the effects of microwave usage on your health, consider avoiding it altogether. The Harvard Health Letter says that you should use the microwave sparingly to preserve delicate nutrients. You can use water instead of oil while microwaving to steam food from the inside. Water allows the microwave to heat food evenly and help it retain more vitamins and nutrients. This is a better way to heat food than to use a stove, which uses less electricity.
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